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"Arabs with Israel" is alive and kicking!

To our website- press here

We are ready… with 40 volunteers and game changer's projects, this is a fact: the organization "Arabs with Israel" is alive and kicking!

We'll tell you briefly about our activity and where you can blend in and change things with us. But before that, a short explanation about what we are:

The organization "Arabs with Israel" (عرب مع إسرائيل) encourages support and identification of Arabs with the state of Israel, inside the green border, outside of it and abroad. To read our agenda, press here.

So, here is a summarized list of our projects:

  1. Administrative management of the organization, volunteers, fund raising, spokesman ext.

  2. Gathering information about pro and anti Israel organizations and people which act in the Arab sector.

  3. Defense and protection from threats and attacks, to Arabs who identify and support the Israeli state.

  4. Pro Israel- commercial campaigns, advertisement and marketing in the Arab sector.

  5. Establishment of police unit held by East- Jerusalem Arabs, as part of the Israel Police.

  6. Filtration and examination of public nominations in the Arab sector, for preventing nominations of anti- Israel Arabs and promoting pro- Israel Arabs.

  7. Connecting Arab workers and Israeli employers in the settlements.

Detailed explanations on our projects will be in the next updates.

8. Also, we established cooperation with "Miluimnickim Bachazit" which is starting a project of pro Israel advocacy by Arab volunteers. In October there will be a delegation that will fly abroad and now they are finishing the selection process. Whoever is interested to join the current delegation or the next ones- please contact us urgently.

Want to hear more details without waiting for the next newsletters?

Want to volunteer? Donate?

Know someone who might volunteer or donate?

Have another idea?

Please click here to contact us.

You can also contact Gilad: 052-8080043,



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