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عرب  مع  إسرائيل

 ערבים עם ישראל

Arabs with Israel



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The Organization & goals

With Israel- مع اسرائيل

We are Arabs who identify with and support the Israeli state. We believe in Israel's right for existence as a Jewish state with minorities who hols rights, and see Israel as a positive and good factor in the middle east and the world. We call the Arab world to abandon the hostility and struggle and start fully and publicly cooperating with the state of Israel.

With us there are Israeli Jews who call for coexistence and support our cause. Together we established several principals:

  1. Giving rights to the Arab minority in territories under Israel control.

  2. Acknowledgment in Israel as a Jewish state.

  3. The establishment of Israel sovereignty in Jerusalem and Golan Heights and annexation of the west bank and Gaza.

  4. Full cooperation with the Arabs in the middle east with the Israeli state.

In the organization there are three groups:

With Israel- inside 67 borders

We are Israeli Arabs with Israeli identity cards. We call our brother Arabs in Israel to identify themselves as part of Israel. To take part in the Israeli IDF, police, education, economy and every aspect possible. We call for public concentration in promoting Israel and Arabs rights in Israel, and not in foreign straggles against Israel's authorities and sovereignty.

With Israel- Jerusalem, Yehuda, Samaria and Gaza

We are Arabs who resides in east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. We call for identification and support for the state of Israel, for the sake of the Arab population in the reign. We call to abandon the idea of Palestine state and to annex and apply the Israeli sovereignty all over Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. Only true identification with Israel and full cooperation will improve the status of these areas residents and provide respectful livelihood and good lives to many families.

With Israel- outside Israel borders

We are Arabs from the Middle East and worldwide. We call to uproot the hostility against Israel and to fully and openly cooperate with Israel at all fields. We see Israel as a factor that strength the security stability in the Middle East and one that have great potential to promote the area's economy.

Bringing the

pro Israeli
Arab voice

The reality is that many Arabs see Israel as a good factor in the Middle East and want to make contacts and work with Israelis and Israeli authorities. However, there is a strong political objection.

Israeli Arabs are serving in the IDF, police and many other Israeli intitutes, but are afraid to speak publicly about it inside the Arab sector out of fear.

Arabs from the West Bank and Gaza oppose the struggle against Israel and want peace with acceptance of the Israeli sovereignty in their reign, but whoever say that publicly will risk his life.

Many Arab countries are cooperating with Israel and their citizens are doing business with Israelis, but everything is hidden out of fear from political criticism in the Arab world.

We are here to give these Arab voices a place and a stage. To protect them, hunt down violent people and institutes who wish to harm them and supply safety for Arabs who support Israel.

We are here to incourage these voices and increase the support and identification of Arab population with Israel.

It won't happen over night, but we will change this reality.

The reality
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