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Organization's Activities
General Projects
Campaigns to increase support and identification of Arabs with Israel

Promoting agenda in social networks and media. Meetings on a regular basis, understanding the Arab street and current affairs and adjusting content to current affairs and long run plan toward change in the perception of the Arab world.

Securing Arabs who openly support Israel
Project in future plans.
Actions to defend pro Israel Arabs. Tracking violent people who intimidate or hurt Arab Israel supporters and taking steps against them. Putting security on people in some cases.
Assistance and protection for pro-Israel Arabs
Residence permits for pro-Israel Palestinians, filing complaints with relevant Israeli bodies about threats against pro-Israel Arabs.
Election campaigns
We have carried out campaigns encouraging voting for parties that define themselves as Zionist and pro-Israeli.
Citizenship Studies
We promoted joint citizenship studies for Jews and Arabs in grades 11-12 in Jerusalem.
Handing over weapons to the police
We assisted in the publication of a police operation to deliver illegal weapons and drugs in the Arab sector.
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Current Projects & Events
Public Sector Integration Course
Improving Hebrew and studying Jewish history in the Land of Israel, accompanied with assistance in finding work in the public sector by the end of course. This is for placement of Arabs with a positive perception of the State of Israel as a Jewish state.
A pro-Israeli Palestinian village
Promoting the establishment of a Palestinian village under Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria with pro-Israel residents, as a model for changing the direction of the Arab population in Judea and Samaria towards Israel.
More events in the future
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